Time Slice Concept


Rather than the standard ‘sped up video’ form of time lapse, I’ve employed a new method for illustrating the passage of time. In a sequence of highly stylised still photographs, the viewer is given a sense of time scale while still appreciating the individual character that each time slice represents. Shooting in this manner also allows for a range of output files to be produced, expanding a client’s usage potential.


Proof of concept.

Project by MAYD ©Dylan James 2019


Nightingale 1 by Nightingale Housing and Breathe Architecture ©Dylan James 2019



Time as an area of exploration in art certainly isn’t new, but I don’t believe it’s been fully explored in the world of architecture and property marketing. We tend to rely on ‘hero’ images for this type of photography, and while these are still necessary, I feel they fail in developing a relationship between the viewer and the given scene. I’ve come to think of this technique as a hybrid of photography and videography - the stopping power of photography, with the emotional connection found in video.


With this sequence of images multiple types of output can be created. Including:

  • Still images for print, web & social media usage

  • Video animation content

  • Interactive HTML elements


The main challenge in this method is the time inherent in creating the content. The above proof of concept was shoot over a 3 hour period and in a public space, meaning that the camera had to be overseen at all times. In circumstances where a private vantage can be used, the operation of the camera can be more flexible, though it is still ideal to have a stationary setup.


The most exciting potential usage for these images I believe, is their power to become an interactive element on a web page. The idea would be for a users scroll on a given page, to control the transition of time in the images. Most likely as a background element, the page will allow for scroll through text information, while engaging the image sequence. A prototype webpage is currently in development.